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Coconut Fibre Ball

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Coconut Fibre Ball

Introducing the Coconut Fibre Ball, a resilient and eco-conscious solution tailored to your beloved pet's chewing instincts! Crafted from entirely organic coconut fiber, this chew toy guarantees extended entertainment while bolstering dental hygiene and satiating your dog's natural urge to chew.

Utilising Natural Resources: Derived from responsibly harvested coconut fiber, our Coconut Ball Dog Chew is devoid of synthetic additives, dyes, and harmful substances, ensuring a secure chewing venture for your furry friend.

Promoting Dental Health: Gnawing on the Coconut Ball effectively cleans your dog's teeth, diminishing plaque and tartar accumulation, thereby fostering healthier gums and fresher breath.

Engaging Playtime: Its rounded structure and lightweight build make this chew toy ideal for dynamic games like fetch, keeping your pet mentally engaged and physically invigorated.

Sustainable Choice: Coconut fiber is a replenishable and biodegradable material, underscoring this chew toy's eco-friendly credentials, a choice favored by environmentally conscious pet owners.

Ingredient: 100% Coconut Fiber

Please note: this product may not be durable for dogs that chew aggressively.



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